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Here's serious advice: Truth is, most people go out to be entertained, without being entertaining people themselves. They just.... stand around and wait for things to happen. It works if you're an attractive woman because by virtue of your mere presence,... see more
All right, let's say you have a friend named Simon, who's a normal weight and loves junk food, and a friend named Albert, who's extremely fat and also loves junk food. Since you're buddies with Simon, you'd be able to guess what junk food they're gonna eat... see more
[going as fast as i can](https://open.spotify.com/user/1229432365/playlist/6DH0QXl2zsKZ4AZxtzdaY4) some songs may be omitted depending on availability **edit** taking a break at first 50 songs in this thread. my wrist hurts from copying/pasting song titl... see more