how much is reddit making from reddit gold?
last month ($112.01 / hr)
last week ($104.76 / hr)
last 24 hrs ($105.24 / hr)

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As a woman with kids, I feel you are taking advantage of your husband and probably driving an enormous wedge between you two. Instead of gently leading you into a discussion about maintaining your identity as a mother *and* a wife, I'll ask you to consider... see more
[I figured it out.]( (And I'm deleting what the info was, because it should be a puzzle to you all.) see more
I had just moved into a newly constructed home in Corpus Christi, TX. It was a military move, so all my belongings had been packed by a contract mover, and trucked from my previous duty station in Florida. The contractors did a "full unpack", which basical... see more
*This is about my life and my marriage, and not a reflection of anyone else's life choices, though I hope it can inspire some reflection and thoughtful conversation.* The other night I was out at the bar, enjoying some time away from the house and the kid... see more
I went ahead and called the center since I live in Denver and filled out a questionnaire and am all set for testing as far as health/match so hopefully this works! What i want to know is if there's anyone here familiar with the process that could offer so... see more