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My mother had a stroke about five years before she died and wasn't able to take care of herself. So I moved in with her and every day for five years I fed her, bathed her, dressed her, etc... She couldn't speak, but I talked to her. I enjoyed it. One... see more
OK. Do you want some real data on how the benefits of minimum wage increases are not cancelled out by increases in cost of living? Take this [source that lists the consumer price indexes by country]( see more
To be fair, even as a person who has never been in the US, I am very very happy that of all world powers it is the US that dominates the world in military terms. Think of what would the world be if the most powerful country was Russia or Iraq ? Seriously... see more
I know the Eve community, and I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I hate people like OP. I can't stand people who build up trust/create friendships/form bonds and then just break them all over money. You had a beautiful thing. You had friends, you... see more
I'm actually bored (and sad and lonely) enough to do this. I'll return, most likely, in an hour or so. Edit: Page 5 is started! The end is in sight. Anybody interested can follow my journey through the historical precedence for considering OP's penis wor... see more