how much is reddit making from reddit gold?
last month ($111.73 / hr)
last week ($118.23 / hr)
last 24 hrs ($169.58 / hr)

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I was going to let this slide, but I simply can't ignore it. You are stupid. You are stupid, and you exhibit a viewpoint that is so fundamentally incorrect and so fundamentally dangerous to a just society that every single lawyer, every single judge and ev... see more
*21... 20... 19...* We stare at the numbers, like we have since the beginning. Which seems like yesterday. Which seems like before I even existed. "Another red," says Nal. He is old and crippled, and his nearly blind eyes shift over the timer. I think I... see more
[???BOO BOO???]( [Come on! Come on!]( [Fuck you!]( [Fuck you! Fuck you! Get the F-]( [Get out!]( see more
A few years ago I signed up for a class that was basically a research lab. I went to a local elementary school in northern VA, and I’d give various psychological tests to the kids. I was assigned to a 1st grade class. I started out thinking, “Oh thi... see more
I'm so sorry I can't message you all individually. Over the 2 times that I posted, my inbox got so flooded that I couldn't even begin to find all of the messages to tell you all that.... THE GAMES HAVE SHIPPED!!!!! YAYAY!!! You should all be getting them... see more