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New redesign, yay! If I could gild all the reddit devs, I would. see more
#GREATEST. DAY. OF. MY. LIFE.   Edit: this doesn’t deserve gold, but thanks stranger! see more
So I picked up this year's FIFA after having not played for almost 20 years. My first experience with FIFA was back in '98 and I have no soccer knowledge beyond that. I chose Arsenal in '98 because they were literally the first team on the list (lol?), but... see more
Guess I kind of consider myself a daddy's girl, so here are all the things I'd probably tell him now. * All those times you just accepted things that were girly without ever attracting any kind of attention to it really went a long way towards helping me... see more
"And what started as a distant hum had grown to a deafening roar as all at once the skies darkened. They came in a sleek shining swarm that blocked the sun, and later the stars and moon, circling endlessly, searching for safe haven. Most flocked to the run... see more