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Taking a time-lapse this morning (CANON 6D 35MM @ f1.4 10" ISO1600 with a 10" delay between frames) and captured what I first thought was just a plane passing by... but I didn't see it in any other frames and what I assume is a vapor trail was rather odd.... see more
Normally I don't like these sort of posts, but this week's [weekly update]( contains a very important line that the community needs to speak up about: > The encounter goal for Atheon is to act as a climax an... see more
This is god damn sorcery. How the fuck did I never know this? Edit: just got back from the store, I'm trying this shit. Will let you know in 7 hours how it turns out. Edit 2: I'm an hour in, I'm using hickory chunks over the charcoal snake, all inside an... see more
My mother disowned me eight years ago for ... moving out of a house owned by my sister. I couldn't afford the upkeep. Roadwork had smashed all the windows on the front of the house (very old home built right at the road). The septic system had turned out n... see more
This is my first attempt at building a water cooled PC. It took me nearly 7 months to complete. Full build log and gallery: Parts Used: see more
> ##It is easy to grab headlines with a lurid claim --"TENS OF THOUSANDS MAY BE VOTING ILLEGALLY!"-- but the follow-up, when any exists - is not usually deemed newsworthy. > ^- ^From ^"The ^Truth ^About ^Voter ^Fraud" ^by ^the ^Brennan ^Center ^fo... see more