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People need to realize the real situation here. The assholes in charge of Turkey are supporting some assholes in Syria. The assholes in charge of Russia are supporting different assholes in Syria. The western world can't find anyone to support in Syria... see more
It really depends on the Franchise, and what percentage of gross sales go to payroll costs, but lets look at your McDonalds example. About 10% of the stores are corporate owned, & the other 90% are franchised locations. The Franchisees pay annual fees... see more
It's not a lie that can be boiled down to a statement. It's an untrue idea that the internet has made possible: *It's okay to never change yourself.* This is what happens when every teenager posts his or her journal or diary online for all to see. You ge... see more
That's a good idea, so let me go ahead and kick things off by stating LOUDLY and clearly: I think that Saudi Arabia's execution of the poet Ashraf Fayadh is HIGHLY reminiscent, if not IDENTICAL to the psychotic mentality that drives the terrorist group k... see more
A small fraction of people, including myself, randomly get a sharp pain when breathing in (typically on the left side of the chest). It's really scary at first but it only lasts for a few seconds to a few minutes at most and episodes can happen daily, week... see more