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Many of the teachers at the school I work at don't like me because they think I try to buy kids' affection by doing shit like providing them with food, school supplies, warm clothing, and free after school tutoring (I get donations from local businesses fo... see more
**TL;DR Press F9 to randomly generate NPCs, shop names, inventories, and prices (with anywhere between 20% markup and 20% discount). All magic items are weighted by rarity, so rarer ones are less likely to appear.** https://1drv.ms/x/s!AovhX1ymYdasg-ZhvyW... see more
The man literally cannot speak at length about a complex subject and navigate the discourse successfully enough to promote his beliefs and make his points. Everytime I talk to a Trump supporter, that's the only thing I bring up. I'm not even going to ackno... see more
[Can't get sacked if you don't win the league. ](http://i.imgur.com/9XTJE1L.jpg) see more
I don't think you understand how bad stalking can get with an obsession. First it starts with simple comments on every picture. It's cute to get the attention but then the comments get weird. Abuse, harassment, threats about weird shit that are lined with... see more