how much is reddit making from reddit gold?
last month ($121.37 / hr)
last week ($135.87 / hr)
last 24 hrs ($195.84 / hr)

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Stories appreciated. Edit: Thanks for the stories guys. It's interesting seeing the trends on what different people are doing. I have to make dinner now. Stay awesome. see more
Well, the trailer with Diana Bang jumping on Seth Rogen's bones like a dragon lady didn't exactly engender the film to me. And Larry Flynt announced he's going to do a porno spin-off of the movie. I'm sure he's going to be real concerned about avoiding un... see more
I am so overwhelmed and over joyed by this whole thing. And to think, I was actually having a night not on reddit, and look what happened! I can't express enough how much this means to me. When I posted in that thread I honestly didn't think I would have a... see more
**TL;DR: The internet is a very scary place for young girls and you should be insanely careful about what you post on reddit and anywhere else.** I have never posted nude pics online but I have an incredibly disturbing story to tell about a girl who poste... see more