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Oh boy... Grabbed a guy walking down the street with a shotgun in one of those 12 can beer holders cigarette companies used to give away (yeah, I'm old.) We get the cuffs on him and he starts getting all chatty in car about all the other guns that's he ha... see more
So I think there are a lot of places where this argument can be disproven (or at least disputed), but I'll start with history, since it's my specialty. There's a little here about slavery, but then we'll get to housing, which I think clarifies the economic... see more
>DAE Jan 6th shitstorm? Pepperidge Farms remembers. oh Palmer, do you *really* want to play the memory game? Pepperidge Farms remembers a lot more than that: * Remember how "kinda shitty" Xbox controllers are for VR? [Pepperidge Farms remembers](https:... see more
So I thought I’d have a go at redesigning Zeah. The main aims were to take the design stylings of the existing mainland, with slightly more attention paid to geographical realism (within reason for a fantasy setting), while maintaining some of the more v... see more