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I'm French, living near Lyon. Everyone is mistaken : We're not protesting for a few cents off the fuel bill. We're not protesting because we want to pay less taxes. We're protesting to be able to live decently. We're protesting because we want the taxes... see more
I am going to paste something I posted in another thread a while back for another person asking for advice. You are not to this point yet, but it is coming and maybe this will give you some pointers based on my personal situation. Below is my current situa... see more
Why are people acting so dense about this? - Kevin Hart told some jokes where the punchline is that he wouldn’t want a gay son. Nobody really gives a shit about what Kevin Hart thinks so it got ignored. - Kevin Hart tweets daily for two years calling p... see more
My son once told my wife and I that he had to dress like a "prehistoric person" for a trip to a museum. We made him a caveman costume by ripping up some old sweatpants and a brown sweatshirt. It ended up looking like a loincloth. We burned a cork and pu... see more