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Look. I know why this video will hit the frontpage. I'm all for calling out people to take personal responsibility. That's fine. But then is it not a two way street? When you see a black guy committing an offence, why do people not just blame the black gu... see more
You don't need an actual conspiracy when you have many people with the same prejudices. The effect can seem quite like a conspiracy. Crime is a symptom. Rioting is a symptom of a symptom. The cause is much deeper. An overwhelmingly white police force... see more
This AMA looks to me like a political stunt to say something along the lines of, "Yeah, I went on that interweb thing and talked to the American people! We had discussions about everything from Net Neutrality to Eminem!". However, I haven't seen one solid... see more
Black Americans have been in something like a permanent state of identity-crisis, that will probably not abate until either: - Terms like "African-American" are accepted as fully and as un-ironically as "Polish-American" or "Irish-American", or; - Race i... see more
There was a simpler time in my life. Had a wife whom I found gorgeous, had two amazing children, putting her thru school while I worked and raised our children And a divorce has a way of changing a man. Mind. Body. Soul. Not sure what I ever did to garnis... see more
I've got insomnia, so now you've got this. I wish I could add the captions to the video, because I'm sure trying to watch in one window and read in the other takes away from the experience. The gaps in the dialogue are, unless I missed one or two, where... see more