last month ($110.96 / hr)
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last 24 hrs ($111.22 / hr)
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Yeah, there's no comparison. I would have immediately fired anyone who did that. see more
How is drop in games this year? My birthday is tomorrow and my mom is letting me buy a game. Thanks for reading this guys, girls, have a good one see more
**tl;dr:** I fucked up. I ruined Thanksgiving. I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. We are taking a more aggressive stance against toxic users and poorly behaving communities. You can filter r/all now. Hi All, I am sorry: I am sorry for compromising the t... see more
I've debated just calling in sick when I put a fresh pair of socks on, in the morning, and immediately step in a wet spot afterwards. EDIT: Stop upvoting this bullshit. I'm not funny. see more
What White Nationalists Don't Get A common and seemingly reasonable argument for white pride or white nationalism is "why can't I be proud of my culture?" Well, you can. Always have been able to. We have Irish pride celebrations, we have German drinking... see more