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Let me start by saying some of the ARG stuff is cool. Like the website or small hints in game. However all this Sombra "hype" has reached a point where I'm completely sick and tired of hearing about her. Sure, I'm excited for a new hero. But at this point... see more
Today you, tommorrow me: http://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/elal2/have_you_ever_picked_up_a_hitchhiker/c18z0z2 Single mom in the snow: http://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/ahg8x/what_is_the_nicest_thing_youve_ever_done_that_no/c0hkuyq Str... see more
This address was searched with the association of the business name of toddandclare.com, but that isn't who actually resides there. Who really resides there is a company known as [Premise Data Corporation](http://www.premise.com/), some sort of private int... see more
One time I was visiting The Big Duck after I finished a hoagie in The Big Apple. We'll my friends and I had had way to much to drink and we all got separated from each other (they haven't found Brian TO THIS DAY). So there I was. Damp, cold, in the dark w... see more
In 1908 major league baseball was played in ten cities (eleven if you count Brooklyn, which had only been part of New York for a decade) across seven states (and DC). The St. Louis Browns and Cardinals were as far west as the leagues went, and you got ther... see more