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It's real, the EAR/ONS has been **officially captured**. What we know so far: - He is 100% DNA match. In other words, this is *definitely* the guy, - He is in custody and IS talking, - He was a police officer in Auburn, CA although was fired... see more
I had NOOOO FREAKING IDEA MY NIGHT WAS GOING TO TURN OUT LIKE THAT!!!!!!!! I was there as a DIE HARD fan just like everybody else. I still keep thinking back to it questioning if that really happened or just an extremely vivid dream from last night... ww... see more
Roomba taking that scale to lb town see more
The mods on this sub are disinformation shills. This is not a genuine Bernie sub. Most of the posts originating in here come from accounts that are also highly active in t_d, conspiracy, and other notorious white nationalist hubs on Reddit. I hope this ge... see more
I guess my invite was lost in the mail... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cl8YafRzVAo see more