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Hours ago, there was a terrible terrorist attack in New Zealand. It was carried out by a deranged **terrorist** gunman who was using common language and talking points spread on /r/The_Donald. **The gunman streamed the full horror of the attack on mosques... see more
*Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuite Iru*, episode 22: Embrace Your Loneliness Alternative names: *Run with the Wind* # [Rate this episode here.](https://youpoll.me/11652/) --- **Streams** * [Crunchyroll](http://crunchyroll.com/run-with-the-wind) **Show informat... see more
Title. The fact that most of you feel the need to make the developers feel like absolute shit for something you don't even have to pay for is probably the most defining quality of this sub: Entitlement. The battle pass isn't great. So what? Most things ar... see more
This actually happened two years ago on this day, which will make sense a little further down the road. In 2016 I started using Tinder for the first time after a shitty breakup. I had met a few people but nothing had ever really panned out beyond a few hoo... see more
It's more than "white nationalism" as someone who is middle eastern I will describe exactly how to fix the problem and explain just how screwed up things have gotten and what is the actual solution. ​ 1st of all "White Nationalism" has always bee... see more