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More than half of the new posts on here are about Muslims. I dislike religion in all forms but I've met plenty of awesome religious people of different faiths who aren't dicks. As a Canadian, i'll stand up for anyone I see getting messed with unfairly be... see more
I'm somewhat disappointed that this has managed to reach the top of the subreddit. There are some fair points here but there's an equal, if not greater, amount of sensationalist, exaggerated, and unproven arguments here that are just outright wrong and aim... see more
In the Chicago Bears roast thread, 69memelordharambe420 posted "There are more Bears than Bears fans." That got me thinking: Is that true? And more generally, which teams have fewer fans than there exist whatever they're named after? To start, I needed a... see more
I worked at a grocery store years ago, and after 6 years of employment, was fired with what seemed like prejudice. I moved on to another job, but found out years later that a girl that worked in the pharmacy told people behind my back that she thought I wa... see more