how much is reddit making from reddit gold?
last month ($96.79 / hr)
last week ($107.56 / hr)
last 24 hrs ($100.08 / hr)

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I can hang on Reddit for 8 years and never post once. Wait. Fuck. see more
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Part of AMD's 8-core processor struggles comes from the fact that they creatively defined "core" for the sake of marketing. Most people would probably expect a core to have, say, an instruction decoder, integer and floating point ALU, L1 and possibly L2 C... see more
With Fifty Shades of Grey being made into a movie, I've tried to raise awareness how this book is not about BDSM, but rather domestic and sexual abuse. Many women argue that the relationship in the book is BDSM, but that paints BDSM in a bad light. BDSM i... see more
$20 to enter. $50 to park. Soda costs $5 per fill. This post will remain stickied for all of eternity. see more