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I've said it before but what is sad about the Dems is that at a time when they should be introspecting, they're looking to shift blame for their own failures, ensuring that the DNC establishment doesn't actually change. From the riots to the physical attac... see more
> "Orwellian" For the first time in 30 years of Internet, this is finally the appropriate time to use that word. Does everybody now see why I've been bitching about its abuse for the last 30 years? Starbucks issuing a holiday cup that doesn't mention Chr... see more
I don't get it. It seemed like the handler was just trying to dip the dog in the water so he wouldn't be afraid of it. Trying to relieve his water anxiety. He was clearly not "throwing the dog into the water" and was actively avoiding doing so, even pullin... see more
I did a couple hours of research a few months ago. The best I could come up with from neutral sources was what I put below. Read all of the bullet points though, because I didn't neatly separate this list into pros and cons (if you even can). * It is an... see more
I spent a lot of time writing this, and it doesn't appear to be showing up in the comments. I'll try one more time as a top level comment - What the TPP actually does and why: I did a couple hours of research a few months ago. The best I could come up... see more
I cant believe this! This is my engagement! I can't wait to show her this thank you reddit! To the photographer: can you send this in full resolution? Do you have any others? see more