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Hello! I remember starting at bitcoin a few years ago. When bitcoin broke single digits for the first time, I thought that was a triumphant moment for bitcoin. I watched and admired the price jump to $15.. $20.. $30.. wow! Today, I see $17,539 per BTC. I... see more
I've found one by Barack Obama. [I am not kidding](https://www.fcc.gov/ecfs/filing/1051157755251). see more
Hi everyone - huge bitcoin supporter here. I spend a lot of my time debating over in the other subreddit with BCH supporters because I believe BCH is a poor idea that is eventually going to lead to centralization, which Bitcoin can never succumb to. Over... see more
Following today’s disappointing vote from the FCC, Alexis and I wanted to take the time to thank redditors for your incredible activism on this issue, and reassure you that we’re going to continue fighting for the free and open internet. Over the past fe... see more